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Research article
04 May 2021
Research article |  | 04 May 2021

Linking sea ice deformation to ice thickness redistribution using high-resolution satellite and airborne observations

Luisa von Albedyll, Christian Haas, and Wolfgang Dierking

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Sea ice melt pond bathymetry reconstructed from aerial photographs using photogrammetry: a new method applied to MOSAiC data
Niels Fuchs, Luisa von Albedyll, Gerit Birnbaum, Felix Linhardt, Natascha Oppelt, and Christian Haas
The Cryosphere, 18, 2991–3015,,, 2024
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Seasonal evolution and parameterization of Arctic sea ice bulk density: results from the MOSAiC expedition and ICESat-2/ATLAS
Yi Zhou, Xianwei Wang, Ruibo Lei, Luisa von Albedyll, Donald K. Perovich, Yu Zhang, and Christian Haas
EGUsphere,,, 2024
Preprint archived
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Lead fractions from SAR-derived sea ice divergence during MOSAiC
Luisa von Albedyll, Stefan Hendricks, Nils Hutter, Dmitrii Murashkin, Lars Kaleschke, Sascha Willmes, Linda Thielke, Xiangshan Tian-Kunze, Gunnar Spreen, and Christian Haas
The Cryosphere, 18, 1259–1285,,, 2024
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Asymmetries in cloud microphysical properties ascribed to sea ice leads via water vapour transport in the central Arctic
Pablo Saavedra Garfias, Heike Kalesse-Los, Luisa von Albedyll, Hannes Griesche, and Gunnar Spreen
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23, 14521–14546,,, 2023
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Insights into German polar research during POLARSTUNDE
Alexandra M. Zuhr, Erik Loebel, Marek Muchow, Donovan Dennis, Luisa von Albedyll, Frigga Kruse, Heidemarie Kassens, Johanna Grabow, Dieter Piepenburg, Sören Brandt, Rainer Lehmann, Marlene Jessen, Friederike Krüger, Monika Kallfelz, Andreas Preußer, Matthias Braun, Thorsten Seehaus, Frank Lisker, Daniela Röhnert, and Mirko Scheinert
Polarforschung, 91, 73–80,,, 2023
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Discipline: Sea ice | Subject: Remote Sensing
Estimating differential penetration of green (532 nm) laser light over sea ice with NASA's Airborne Topographic Mapper: observations and models
Michael Studinger, Benjamin E. Smith, Nathan Kurtz, Alek Petty, Tyler Sutterley, and Rachel Tilling
The Cryosphere, 18, 2625–2652,,, 2024
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Estimating the uncertainty of sea-ice area and sea-ice extent from satellite retrievals
Andreas Wernecke, Dirk Notz, Stefan Kern, and Thomas Lavergne
The Cryosphere, 18, 2473–2486,,, 2024
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Sea ice transport and replenishment across and within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, 2016–2022
Stephen E. L. Howell, David G. Babb, Jack C. Landy, Isolde A. Glissenaar, Kaitlin McNeil, Benoit Montpetit, and Mike Brady
The Cryosphere, 18, 2321–2333,,, 2024
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SAR deep learning sea ice retrieval trained with airborne laser scanner measurements from the MOSAiC expedition
Karl Kortum, Suman Singha, Gunnar Spreen, Nils Hutter, Arttu Jutila, and Christian Haas
The Cryosphere, 18, 2207–2222,,, 2024
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MMSeaIce: a collection of techniques for improving sea ice mapping with a multi-task model
Xinwei Chen, Muhammed Patel, Fernando J. Pena Cantu, Jinman Park, Javier Noa Turnes, Linlin Xu, K. Andrea Scott, and David A. Clausi
The Cryosphere, 18, 1621–1632,,, 2024
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Convergent sea ice motion produces a thick ice cover through ridging. We studied sea ice deformation derived from high-resolution satellite imagery and related it to the corresponding thickness change. We found that deformation explains the observed dynamic thickness change. We show that deformation can be used to model realistic ice thickness distributions. Our results revealed new relationships between thickness redistribution and deformation that could improve sea ice models.