Articles | Volume 10, issue 6
The Cryosphere, 10, 2831–2845, 2016
The Cryosphere, 10, 2831–2845, 2016
Research article
21 Nov 2016
Research article | 21 Nov 2016

Relationships between snowfall density and solid hydrometeors, based on measured size and fall speed, for snowpack modeling applications

Masaaki Ishizaka et al.

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Satoru Yamaguchi, Masaaki Ishizaka, Hiroki Motoyoshi, Sent Nakai, Vincent Vionnet, Teruo Aoki, Katsuya Yamashita, Akihiro Hashimoto, and Akihiro Hachikubo
The Cryosphere, 13, 2713–2732,,, 2019
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Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal snow water equivalent in High Mountain Asia from an 18-year Landsat–MODIS era snow reanalysis dataset
Yufei Liu, Yiwen Fang, and Steven A. Margulis
The Cryosphere, 15, 5261–5280,,, 2021
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We measured the snowfall densities with a CCD camera, simultaneously observing the predominant snowfall types determined by the measured size and the fall speed. With a CCD camera, we obtain the quantitative relationships between snowfall densities and presumed density derived from the size and mass components. This suggests the possibility of estimating snowfall densities from the measured size and the fall speed data, and using them as the initial densities for a snowpack in a numerical model.