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Research article
31 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 31 Jul 2020

Historical Northern Hemisphere snow cover trends and projected changes in the CMIP6 multi-model ensemble

Lawrence Mudryk, María Santolaria-Otín, Gerhard Krinner, Martin Ménégoz, Chris Derksen, Claire Brutel-Vuilmet, Mike Brady, and Richard Essery

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A simple snow temperature index model exposes discrepancies between reanalysis snow water equivalent products
Aleksandra Elias Chereque, Paul J. Kushner, Lawrence Mudryk, Chris Derksen, and Colleen Mortimer
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Benchmarking of SWE products based on outcomes of the SnowPEx+ Intercomparison Project
Lawrence Mudryk, Colleen Mortimer, Chris Derksen, Aleksandra Elias Chereque, and Paul Kushner
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Use of multiple reference data sources to cross validate gridded snow water equivalent products over North America
Colleen Mortimer, Lawrence Mudryk, Eunsang Cho, Chris Derksen, Mike Brady, and Carrie Vuyvich
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Assessment of Arctic seasonal snow cover rates of change
Chris Derksen and Lawrence Mudryk
The Cryosphere, 17, 1431–1443,,, 2023
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Snow Ensemble Uncertainty Project (SEUP): quantification of snow water equivalent uncertainty across North America via ensemble land surface modeling
Rhae Sung Kim, Sujay Kumar, Carrie Vuyovich, Paul Houser, Jessica Lundquist, Lawrence Mudryk, Michael Durand, Ana Barros, Edward J. Kim, Barton A. Forman, Ethan D. Gutmann, Melissa L. Wrzesien, Camille Garnaud, Melody Sandells, Hans-Peter Marshall, Nicoleta Cristea, Justin M. Pflug, Jeremy Johnston, Yueqian Cao, David Mocko, and Shugong Wang
The Cryosphere, 15, 771–791,,, 2021
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Discipline: Snow | Subject: Climate Interactions
Projection of snowfall extremes in the French Alps as a function of elevation and global warming level
Erwan Le Roux, Guillaume Evin, Raphaëlle Samacoïts, Nicolas Eckert, Juliette Blanchet, and Samuel Morin
The Cryosphere, 17, 4691–4704,,, 2023
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Changes in March mean snow water equivalent since the mid-20th century and the contributing factors in reanalyses and CMIP6 climate models
Jouni Räisänen
The Cryosphere, 17, 1913–1934,,, 2023
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Spatio-temporal reconstruction of winter glacier mass balance in the Alps, Scandinavia, Central Asia and western Canada (1981–2019) using climate reanalyses and machine learning
Matteo Guidicelli, Matthias Huss, Marco Gabella, and Nadine Salzmann
The Cryosphere, 17, 977–1002,,, 2023
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Impacts of snow assimilation on seasonal snow and meteorological forecasts for the Tibetan Plateau
Wei Li, Jie Chen, Lu Li, Yvan J. Orsolini, Yiheng Xiang, Retish Senan, and Patricia de Rosnay
The Cryosphere, 16, 4985–5000,,, 2022
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Synoptic control over winter snowfall variability observed in a remote site of Apennine Mountains (Italy), 1884–2015
Vincenzo Capozzi, Carmela De Vivo, and Giorgio Budillon
The Cryosphere, 16, 1741–1763,,, 2022
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We analyze how well updated state-of-the-art climate models reproduce observed historical snow cover extent and snow mass and how they project that these quantities will change up to the year 2100. Overall the updated models better represent historical snow extent than previous models, and they simulate stronger historical trends in snow extent and snow mass. They project that spring snow extent will decrease by 8 % for each degree Celsius that the global surface air temperature increases.