Articles | Volume 8, issue 4
The Cryosphere, 8, 1161–1176, 2014
The Cryosphere, 8, 1161–1176, 2014

Research article 04 Jul 2014

Research article | 04 Jul 2014

MODIS observed increase in duration and spatial extent of sediment plumes in Greenland fjords

B. Hudson et al.

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Oceanic and atmospheric forcing of Larsen C Ice-Shelf thinning
P. R. Holland, A. Brisbourne, H. F. J. Corr, D. McGrath, K. Purdon, J. Paden, H. A. Fricker, F. S. Paolo, and A. H. Fleming
The Cryosphere, 9, 1005–1024,,, 2015
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The effect of changing sea ice on the physical vulnerability of Arctic coasts
K. R. Barnhart, I. Overeem, and R. S. Anderson
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A decade (2002–2012) of supraglacial lake volume estimates across Russell Glacier, West Greenland
A. A. W. Fitzpatrick, A. L. Hubbard, J. E. Box, D. J. Quincey, D. van As, A. P. B. Mikkelsen, S. H. Doyle, C. F. Dow, B. Hasholt, and G. A. Jones
The Cryosphere, 8, 107–121,,, 2014

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The GRISLI-LSCE contribution to the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for phase 6 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (ISMIP6) – Part 1: Projections of the Greenland ice sheet evolution by the end of the 21st century
Aurélien Quiquet and Christophe Dumas
The Cryosphere, 15, 1015–1030,,, 2021
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The cooling signature of basal crevasses in a hard-bedded region of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Ian E. McDowell, Neil F. Humphrey, Joel T. Harper, and Toby W. Meierbachtol
The Cryosphere, 15, 897–907,,, 2021
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Satellite observations of snowfall regimes over the Greenland Ice Sheet
Elin A. McIlhattan, Claire Pettersen, Norman B. Wood, and Tristan S. L'Ecuyer
The Cryosphere, 14, 4379–4404,,, 2020
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Last glacial ice sheet dynamics offshore NE Greenland – a case study from Store Koldewey Trough
Ingrid Leirvik Olsen, Tom Arne Rydningen, Matthias Forwick, Jan Sverre Laberg, and Katrine Husum
The Cryosphere, 14, 4475–4494,,, 2020
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Large and irreversible future decline of the Greenland ice sheet
Jonathan M. Gregory, Steven E. George, and Robin S. Smith
The Cryosphere, 14, 4299–4322,,, 2020
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