Articles | Volume 12, issue 9
The Cryosphere, 12, 2941–2953, 2018
The Cryosphere, 12, 2941–2953, 2018
Research article
14 Sep 2018
Research article | 14 Sep 2018

A scatterometer record of sea ice extents and backscatter: 1992–2016

Maria Belmonte Rivas et al.

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OMI tropospheric NO2 profiles from cloud slicing: constraints on surface emissions, convective transport and lightning NOx
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Cross-platform classification of level and deformed sea ice considering per-class incident angle dependency of backscatter intensity
Wenkai Guo, Polona Itkin, Johannes Lohse, Malin Johansson, and Anthony Paul Doulgeris
The Cryosphere, 16, 237–257,,, 2022
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Short summary
We provide a novel record of scatterometer sea ice extents and backscatter that complements the passive microwave products nicely, particularly for the correction of summer melt errors. The sea ice backscatter maps help differentiate between seasonal and perennial Arctic ice classes, and between second-year and older multiyear ice, revealing the emergence of SY ice as the dominant perennial ice type after the record loss in 2007 and attesting to its use as a proxy for ice thickness.