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Volume 9, issue 5
The Cryosphere, 9, 1845–1856, 2015
© Author(s) 2015. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Special issue: Interactions between climate change and the Cryosphere: SVALI,...

The Cryosphere, 9, 1845–1856, 2015
© Author(s) 2015. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research article 22 Sep 2015

Research article | 22 Sep 2015

Ice sheet mass loss caused by dust and black carbon accumulation

T. Goelles et al.

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Albedo reduction caused by black carbon and dust accumulation: a quantitive model applied to the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet
T. Goelles and C. E. Bøggild
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2015
Revised manuscript not accepted
Semi-Lagrangian transport of oxygen isotopes in polythermal ice sheets: implementation and first results
T. Goelles, K. Grosfeld, and G. Lohmann
Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 1395–1408,,, 2014

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The Cryosphere, 14, 1747–1762,,, 2020
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Brief communication: On calculating the sea-level contribution in marine ice-sheet models
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A statistical fracture model for Antarctic ice shelves and glaciers
Veronika Emetc, Paul Tregoning, Mathieu Morlighem, Chris Borstad, and Malcolm Sambridge
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Publications Copernicus
Short summary
Soot (black carbon) and dust particles darken the surface of ice sheets and glaciers as they accumulate. This causes more ice to melt, which releases more particles from within the ice. This positive feedback mechanism is studied with a new two-dimensional model, mimicking the conditions of Greenland, under different climate warming scenarios. In the warmest scenario, the additional ice sheet mass loss until the year 3000 is up to 7%.
Soot (black carbon) and dust particles darken the surface of ice sheets and glaciers as they...