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Research article
16 Mar 2020
Research article |  | 16 Mar 2020

Spatial and temporal variations in glacier aerodynamic surface roughness during the melting season, as estimated at the August-one ice cap, Qilian mountains, China

Junfeng Liu, Rensheng Chen, and Chuntan Han

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Effects of surface roughness and light-absorbing impurities on glacier surface albedo, August-one ice cap, Qilian Mountains, China
Junfeng Liu, Rensheng Chen, Yongjian Ding, Chuntan Han, Yong Yang, Zhangwen Liu, Xiqiang Wang, Shuhai Guo, Yaoxuan Song, and Wenwu Qing
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint withdrawn
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Glacier surface roughness during melting season was observed by manual and automatic photogrammetry. Surface roughness was larger at the snow and ice transition zone than in fully snow- or ice-covered areas. Persistent snowfall and rainfall both reduce surface roughness. High or rising turbulent heat as a component of surface energy balance tended to produce a smooth ice surface; low or decreasing turbulent heat tended to produce a rougher surface.