Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
The Cryosphere, 14, 1–16, 2020
The Cryosphere, 14, 1–16, 2020

Research article 02 Jan 2020

Research article | 02 Jan 2020

Rock glacier characteristics serve as an indirect record of multiple alpine glacier advances in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

Kelsey Winsor et al.

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Discipline: Frozen ground | Subject: Geomorphology
Insights into a remote cryosphere: a multi-method approach to assess permafrost occurrence at the Qugaqie basin, western Nyainqêntanglha Range, Tibetan Plateau
Johannes Buckel, Eike Reinosch, Andreas Hördt, Fan Zhang, Björn Riedel, Markus Gerke, Antje Schwalb, and Roland Mäusbacher
The Cryosphere, 15, 149–168,,, 2021
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Permafrost distribution and conditions at the headwalls of two receding glaciers (Schladming and Hallstatt glaciers) in the Dachstein Massif, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
Matthias Rode, Oliver Sass, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Harald Schnepfleitner, and Christoph Gitschthaler
The Cryosphere, 14, 1173–1186,,, 2020
Ice content and interannual water storage changes of an active rock glacier in the dry Andes of Argentina
Christian Halla, Jan Henrik Blöthe, Carla Tapia Baldis, Dario Trombotto, Christin Hilbich, Christian Hauck, and Lothar Schrott
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for TC
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Evaluating the destabilization susceptibility of active rock glaciers in the French Alps
Marco Marcer, Charlie Serrano, Alexander Brenning, Xavier Bodin, Jason Goetz, and Philippe Schoeneich
The Cryosphere, 13, 141–155,,, 2019
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We studied an ice-cored rock glacier in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, coupling ground-penetrating radar analyses with stable isotope and major ion geochemistry of (a) surface ponds and (b) buried clean ice. These analyses indicate that the rock glacier ice is fed by a nearby alpine glacier, recording multiple Holocene to late Pleistocene glacial advances. We demonstrate the potential to use rock glaciers and buried ice, common throughout Antarctica, to map previous glacial extents.