Articles | Volume 12, issue 9
The Cryosphere, 12, 2803–2819, 2018
The Cryosphere, 12, 2803–2819, 2018
Research article
03 Sep 2018
Research article | 03 Sep 2018

Consumption of atmospheric methane by the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau alpine steppe ecosystem

Hanbo Yun et al.

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Variations in diurnal and seasonal net ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange in a semiarid sandy grassland ecosystem in China's Horqin Sandy Land
Yayi Niu, Yuqiang Li, Hanbo Yun, Xuyang Wang, Xiangwen Gong, Yulong Duan, and Jing Liu
Biogeosciences, 17, 6309–6326,,, 2020
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Discipline: Frozen ground | Subject: Biogeochemistry/Biology
Improved ELMv1-ECA simulations of zero-curtain periods and cold-season CH4 and CO2 emissions at Alaskan Arctic tundra sites
Jing Tao, Qing Zhu, William J. Riley, and Rebecca B. Neumann
The Cryosphere, 15, 5281–5307,,, 2021
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The role of vadose zone physics in the ecohydrological response of a Tibetan meadow to freeze–thaw cycles
Lianyu Yu, Simone Fatichi, Yijian Zeng, and Zhongbo Su
The Cryosphere, 14, 4653–4673,,, 2020
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Permafrost thawing exhibits a greater influence on bacterial richness and community structure than permafrost age in Arctic permafrost soils
Mukan Ji, Weidong Kong, Chao Liang, Tianqi Zhou, Hongzeng Jia, and Xiaobin Dong
The Cryosphere, 14, 3907–3916,,, 2020
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Large carbon cycle sensitivities to climate across a permafrost thaw gradient in subarctic Sweden
Kuang-Yu Chang, William J. Riley, Patrick M. Crill, Robert F. Grant, Virginia I. Rich, and Scott R. Saleska
The Cryosphere, 13, 647–663,,, 2019
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Carbonaceous material export from Siberian permafrost tracked across the Arctic Shelf using Raman spectroscopy
Robert B. Sparkes, Melissa Maher, Jerome Blewett, Ayça Doğrul Selver, Örjan Gustafsson, Igor P. Semiletov, and Bart E. van Dongen
The Cryosphere, 12, 3293–3309,,, 2018
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Here we reported the QTP permafrost region was a CH4 sink of −0.86 ± 0.23 g CH4-C m−2 yr−1 over 2012–2016, soil temperature and soil water content were dominant factors controlling CH4 fluxes, and their correlations changed with soil depth due to cryoturbation dynamics. This region was a net CH4 sink in autumn, but a net source in spring, despite both seasons experiencing similar top soil thawing and freezing dynamics.