Articles | Volume 13, issue 10
The Cryosphere, 13, 2713–2732, 2019
The Cryosphere, 13, 2713–2732, 2019
Research article
16 Oct 2019
Research article | 16 Oct 2019

Measurement of specific surface area of fresh solid precipitation particles in heavy snowfall regions of Japan

Satoru Yamaguchi et al.

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NHM–SMAP: spatially and temporally high-resolution nonhydrostatic atmospheric model coupled with detailed snow process model for Greenland Ice Sheet
Masashi Niwano, Teruo Aoki, Akihiro Hashimoto, Sumito Matoba, Satoru Yamaguchi, Tomonori Tanikawa, Koji Fujita, Akane Tsushima, Yoshinori Iizuka, Rigen Shimada, and Masahiro Hori
The Cryosphere, 12, 635–655,,, 2018
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Liquid water infiltration into a layered snowpack: evaluation of a 3-D water transport model with laboratory experiments
Hiroyuki Hirashima, Francesco Avanzi, and Satoru Yamaguchi
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 5503–5515,,, 2017
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Anomalous winter-snow-amplified earthquake-induced disaster of the 2015 Langtang avalanche in Nepal
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Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 749–764,,, 2017
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Relationships between snowfall density and solid hydrometeors, based on measured size and fall speed, for snowpack modeling applications
Masaaki Ishizaka, Hiroki Motoyoshi, Satoru Yamaguchi, Sento Nakai, Toru Shiina, and Ken-ichiro Muramoto
The Cryosphere, 10, 2831–2845,,, 2016
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Observations of capillary barriers and preferential flow in layered snow during cold laboratory experiments
Francesco Avanzi, Hiroyuki Hirashima, Satoru Yamaguchi, Takafumi Katsushima, and Carlo De Michele
The Cryosphere, 10, 2013–2026,,, 2016
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The Cryosphere, 15, 3949–3973,,, 2021
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Rosamond J. Tutton and Robert G. Way
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The RHOSSA campaign: multi-resolution monitoring of the seasonal evolution of the structure and mechanical stability of an alpine snowpack
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The evolution of snow bedforms in the Colorado Front Range and the processes that shape them
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The Cryosphere, 13, 1267–1281,,, 2019
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The specific surface area (SSA) of solid precipitation particles (PPs) includes detailed information of PP. This work is based on field measurement of SSA of PPs in Nagaoka, the city with the heaviest snowfall in Japan. The values of SSA strongly depend on wind speed (WS) and wet-bulb temperature (Tw) on the ground. An equation to empirically estimate the SSA of fresh PPs with WS and Tw was established and the equation successfully reproduced the fluctuation of SSA in Nagaoka.