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01 Mar 2021
Research article |  | 01 Mar 2021

Brief communication: Spatial and temporal variations in surface snow chemistry along a traverse from coastal East Antarctica to the ice sheet summit (Dome A)

Guitao Shi, Hongmei Ma, Zhengyi Hu, Zhenlou Chen, Chunlei An, Su Jiang, Yuansheng Li, Tianming Ma, Jinhai Yu, Danhe Wang, Siyu Lu, Bo Sun, and Meredith G. Hastings

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Brief communication: Identification of 140 000-year-old blue ice in the Grove Mountains, East Antarctica, by krypton-81 dating
Zhengyi Hu, Wei Jiang, Yuzhen Yan, Yan Huang, Xueyuan Tang, Lin Li, Florian Ritterbusch, Guo-Min Yang, Zheng-Tian Lu, and Guitao Shi
The Cryosphere, 18, 1647–1652,,, 2024
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Using Deep Learning and Multi-source Remote Sensing Images to Map Landlocked Lakes in Antarctica
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Nitrate deposition and preservation in the snowpack along a traverse from coast to the ice sheet summit (Dome A) in East Antarctica
Guitao Shi, Meredith G. Hastings, Jinhai Yu, Tianming Ma, Zhengyi Hu, Chunlei An, Chuanjin Li, Hongmei Ma, Su Jiang, and Yuansheng Li
The Cryosphere, 12, 1177–1194,,, 2018
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Investigation of post-depositional processing of nitrate in East Antarctic snow: isotopic constraints on photolytic loss, re-oxidation, and source inputs
G. Shi, A. M. Buffen, M. G. Hastings, C. Li, H. Ma, Y. Li, B. Sun, C. An, and S. Jiang
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 9435–9453,,, 2015
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Discipline: Snow | Subject: Snow Chemistry
200-year ice core bromine reconstruction at Dome C (Antarctica): observational and modelling results
François Burgay, Rafael Pedro Fernández, Delia Segato, Clara Turetta, Christopher S. Blaszczak-Boxe, Rachael H. Rhodes, Claudio Scarchilli, Virginia Ciardini, Carlo Barbante, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, and Andrea Spolaor
The Cryosphere, 17, 391–405,,, 2023
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Impacts of post-depositional processing on nitrate isotopes in the snow and the overlying atmosphere at Summit, Greenland
Zhuang Jiang, Joel Savarino, Becky Alexander, Joseph Erbland, Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, and Lei Geng
The Cryosphere, 16, 2709–2724,,, 2022
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Temporal variation of bacterial community and nutrients in Tibetan glacier snowpack
Yuying Chen, Keshao Liu, Yongqin Liu, Trista J. Vick-Majors, Feng Wang, and Mukan Ji
The Cryosphere, 16, 1265–1280,,, 2022
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Impacts of the photo-driven post-depositional processing on snow nitrate and its isotopes at Summit, Greenland: a model-based study
Zhuang Jiang, Becky Alexander, Joel Savarino, Joseph Erbland, and Lei Geng
The Cryosphere, 15, 4207–4220,,, 2021
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Brief communication: An alternative method for estimating the scavenging efficiency of black carbon by meltwater over sea ice
Tingfeng Dou, Zhiheng Du, Shutong Li, Yulan Zhang, Qi Zhang, Mingju Hao, Chuanjin Li, Biao Tian, Minghu Ding, and Cunde Xiao
The Cryosphere, 13, 3309–3316,,, 2019
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It is important to understand atmospheric chemistry over Antarctica under a changing climate. Thus snow collected on a traverse from the coast to Dome A was used to investigate variations in snow chemistry. The non-sea-salt fractions of K+, Mg2+, and Ca2+ are associated with terrestrial inputs, and nssCl is from HCl. In general, proportions of non-sea-salt fractions of ions to the totals are higher in the interior areas than on the coast, and the proportions are higher in summer than in winter.