Articles | Volume 15, issue 7
The Cryosphere, 15, 3495–3505, 2021
The Cryosphere, 15, 3495–3505, 2021

Research article 27 Jul 2021

Research article | 27 Jul 2021

Reconstruction of annual accumulation rate on firn, synchronising H2O2 concentration data with an estimated temperature record

Jandyr M. Travassos et al.

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Relationships between Andean Glacier Ice-Core Dust Records and Amazon Basin Riverine Sediments
Rafael S. dos Reis, Rafael da Rocha Ribeiro, Barbara Delmonte, Edson Ramirez, Norberto Dani, Paul A. Mayewski, and Jefferson C. Simões
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for TC
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Giant dust particles at Nevado Illimani: a proxy of summertime deep convection over the Bolivian Altiplano
Filipe G. L. Lindau, Jefferson C. Simões, Barbara Delmonte, Patrick Ginot, Giovanni Baccolo, Chiara I. Paleari, Elena Di Stefano, Elena Korotkikh, Douglas S. Introne, Valter Maggi, Eduardo Garzanti, and Sergio Andò
The Cryosphere, 15, 1383–1397,,, 2021
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Physical properties of shallow ice cores from Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands
Elizabeth Ruth Thomas, Guisella Gacitúa, Joel B. Pedro, Amy Constance Faith King, Bradley Markle, Mariusz Potocki, and Dorothea Elisabeth Moser
The Cryosphere, 15, 1173–1186,,, 2021
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Dust record in an ice core from tropical Andes (Nevado Illimani – Bolivia), potential for climate variability analyses in the Amazon basin
Filipe Gaudie Ley Lindau, Jefferson Cardia Simões, Rafael da Rocha Ribeiro, Patrick Ginot, Barbara Delmonte, Giovanni Baccolo, Stanislav Kutuzov, Valter Maggi, and Edson Ramirez
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2020
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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Refractory black carbon (rBC) variability in a 47-year West Antarctic snow and firn core
Luciano Marquetto, Susan Kaspari, and Jefferson Cardia Simões
The Cryosphere, 14, 1537–1554,,, 2020
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Discipline: Glaciers | Subject: Paleoclimate
The case of a southern European glacier which survived Roman and medieval warm periods but is disappearing under recent warming
Ana Moreno, Miguel Bartolomé, Juan Ignacio López-Moreno, Jorge Pey, Juan Pablo Corella, Jordi García-Orellana, Carlos Sancho, María Leunda, Graciela Gil-Romera, Penélope González-Sampériz, Carlos Pérez-Mejías, Francisco Navarro, Jaime Otero-García, Javier Lapazaran, Esteban Alonso-González, Cristina Cid, Jerónimo López-Martínez, Belén Oliva-Urcia, Sérgio Henrique Faria, María José Sierra, Rocío Millán, Xavier Querol, Andrés Alastuey, and José M. García-Ruíz
The Cryosphere, 15, 1157–1172,,, 2021
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This paper gives a timescale estimation and the yearly accumulation rate from ice cores encompassing the entire firn layer at the Detroit Plateau, the Antarctic Peninsula, through a non-linear pairing transformation of high-resolution H2O2 concentration data to a local temperature time series. An 11-year moving average of the yearly ice accumulation rate may suggest an increase in the span of 30 years, with an average of 2.5–2.8 m w.e./year.