Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
The Cryosphere, 14, 3235–3247, 2020
The Cryosphere, 14, 3235–3247, 2020

Research article 29 Sep 2020

Research article | 29 Sep 2020

Possible biases in scaling-based estimates of glacier change: a case study in the Himalaya

Argha Banerjee et al.

Data sets

Disha-Patil/glacier_models: Glacier Models 55 code released for publication (Version v1.0.0) Disha Patil

Short summary
Simple models of glacier dynamics based on volume–area scaling underestimate climate sensitivity and response time of glaciers. Consequently, they may predict a faster response and a smaller long-term glacier loss. These biases in scaling models are established theoretically and are analysed in detail by simulating the step response of a set of 703 Himalayan glaciers separately by three different models: a scaling model, a 2-D shallow-ice approximation model, and a linear-response model.