Articles | Volume 17, issue 7
Research article
20 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 20 Jul 2023

Meltwater runoff and glacier mass balance in the high Arctic: 1991–2022 simulations for Svalbard

Louise Steffensen Schmidt, Thomas Vikhamar Schuler, Erin Emily Thomas, and Sebastian Westermann

Data sets

CryoGrid simulations of Svalbard mass balance, refreezing and runoff, 1991–2022 Louise Steffensen Schmidt

Automatic weather station data from Kongsvegen, Ny-Ålesund J. Kohler, S. R. Hudson, S. R., and F. Obleitner

Fluctuations of Glaciers Database WGMS

Model code and software

Parameter files and code for simula- tions in “The CryoGrid community model – a multi- 60 physics toolbox for climate-driven simulations in the terrestrial cryosphere” Sebastian Westermann

Short summary
Here, we present high-resolution simulations of glacier mass balance (the gain and loss of ice over a year) and runoff on Svalbard from 1991–2022, one of the fastest warming regions in the Arctic. The simulations are created using the CryoGrid community model. We find a small overall loss of mass over the simulation period of −0.08 m yr−1 but with no statistically significant trend. The average runoff was found to be 41 Gt yr−1, with a significant increasing trend of 6.3 Gt per decade.