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Research article
14 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 14 Nov 2022

Broadband spectral induced polarization for the detection of Permafrost and an approach to ice content estimation – a case study from Yakutia, Russia

Jan Mudler, Andreas Hördt, Dennis Kreith, Madhuri Sugand, Kirill Bazhin, Lyudmila Lebedeva, and Tino Radić

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Two-dimensional inversion of wideband spectral data from the capacitively coupled resistivity method – first applications in periglacial environments
Jan Mudler, Andreas Hördt, Anita Przyklenk, Gianluca Fiandaca, Pradip Kumar Maurya, and Christian Hauck
The Cryosphere, 13, 2439–2456,,, 2019
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The spectral electrical signal of ice exhibits a strong characteristic behaviour in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 100 kHz, due to polarization effects. With our geophysical method, we can analyse this characteristic to detect subsurface ice. Moreover, we use a model to quantify 2-D ground ice content based on our data. The potential of our new measurement device is showed up. Data were taken on a permafrost site in Yakutia, and the results are in agreement with other existing field data.