Articles | Volume 15, issue 2
The Cryosphere, 15, 595–614, 2021
The Cryosphere, 15, 595–614, 2021
Research article
09 Feb 2021
Research article | 09 Feb 2021

Distributed summer air temperatures across mountain glaciers in the south-east Tibetan Plateau: temperature sensitivity and comparison with existing glacier datasets

Thomas E. Shaw et al.

Data sets

Temperature sensitivity of mountain glaciers Thomas E. Shaw, Wei Yang, Álvaro Ayala, Claudio Bravo, Chuanxi Zhao, and Francesca Pellicciotti

Short summary
Near surface air temperature (Ta) is important for simulating the melting of glaciers, though its variability in space and time on mountain glaciers is still poorly understood. We combine new Ta observations on glacier in Tibet with several glacier datasets around the world to explore the applicability of an existing method to estimate glacier Ta based upon glacier flow distance. We make a first step at generalising a method and highlight the remaining unknowns for this field of research.