Articles | Volume 15, issue 12
The Cryosphere, 15, 5577–5599, 2021
The Cryosphere, 15, 5577–5599, 2021

Research article 10 Dec 2021

Research article | 10 Dec 2021

Contrasting surface velocities between lake- and land-terminating glaciers in the Himalayan region

Jan Bouke Pronk et al.

Data sets

Central and Eastern Himalaya glacier velocities 2017-2019 (Sentinel 2) J B. Pronk, T. Bolch, O. King, B. Wouters, and D. I. Benn

Short summary
About 10 % of Himalayan glaciers flow directly into lakes. This study finds, using satellite imagery, that such glaciers show higher flow velocities than glaciers without ice–lake contact. In particular near the glacier tongue the impact of a lake on the glacier flow can be dramatic. The development of current and new meltwater bodies will influence the flow of an increasing number of Himalayan glaciers in the future, a scenario not currently considered in regional ice loss projections.