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26 Nov 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 26 Nov 2021

Spatiotemporal distribution of seasonal snow water equivalent in High Mountain Asia from an 18-year Landsat–MODIS era snow reanalysis dataset

Yufei Liu, Yiwen Fang, and Steven A. Margulis

Data sets

High Mountain Asia UCLA Daily Snow Reanalysis, Version 1 Y. Liu, Y. Fang, and S. A. Margulis

Short summary
We examined the spatiotemporal distribution of stored water in the seasonal snowpack over High Mountain Asia, based on a new snow reanalysis dataset. The dataset was derived utilizing satellite-observed snow information, which spans across 18 water years, at a high spatial (~ 500 m) and temporal (daily) resolution. Snow mass and snow storage distribution over space and time are analyzed in this paper, which brings new insights into understanding the snowpack variability over this region.