Articles | Volume 15, issue 8
Research article
20 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 20 Aug 2021

The distribution and evolution of supraglacial lakes on 79° N Glacier (north-eastern Greenland) and interannual climatic controls

Jenny V. Turton, Philipp Hochreuther, Nathalie Reimann, and Manuel T. Blau

Data sets

1 km high-resolution atmospheric model output from the Polar Weather Research and Forecasting (PWRF) model for northeast Greenland from 2014-2018 J. V. Turton, T. Mölg, and E. Collier

High-resolution surface mass balance output from the COSIPY mass balance model for northeast Greenland from 2014-2018 M. T. Blau, J. V. Turton, T. Mölg, and T. Sauter

Short summary
We assess the climatic controls of melt lake development, melt duration, melt extent, and the spatial distribution of lakes of 79°N Glacier. There is a large interannual variability in the areal extent of the lakes and the maximum elevation of lake development, which is largely controlled by the summertime air temperatures and the snowpack thickness. Late-summer lake development can be prompted by spikes in surface mass balance. There is some evidence of inland expansion of lakes over time.