Articles | Volume 15, issue 7
The Cryosphere, 15, 3279–3291, 2021
The Cryosphere, 15, 3279–3291, 2021

Research article 16 Jul 2021

Research article | 16 Jul 2021

Geophysical constraints on the properties of a subglacial lake in northwest Greenland

Ross Maguire et al.

Data sets

Northwest Greenland Active Source Seismic Experiment N. Schmerr, R. Maguire, E. Pettit, K. Riverman, C. Gardner, D. DellaGiustina, B. Avenson, N. Wagner, A. Marusiak, N. Habib, J. Broadbeck, V. Bray, S. Bailey, C. Carr, P. Dahl, and R. Weber

Short summary
In the last decade, airborne radar surveys have revealed the presence of lakes below the Greenland ice sheet. However, little is known about their properties, including their depth and the volume of water they store. We performed a ground-based geophysics survey in northwestern Greenland and, for the first time, were able to image the depth of a subglacial lake and estimate its volume. Our findings have implications for the thermal state and stability of the ice sheet in northwest Greenland.