Articles | Volume 15, issue 6
Brief communication
07 Jun 2021
Brief communication |  | 07 Jun 2021

Brief communication: An empirical relation between center frequency and measured thickness for radar sounding of temperate glaciers

Joseph A. MacGregor, Michael Studinger, Emily Arnold, Carlton J. Leuschen, Fernando Rodríguez-Morales, and John D. Paden

Model code and software

joemacgregor/temperate_sounding: published version (Version v1.0) Joe MacGregor

Short summary
We combine multiple recent global glacier datasets and extend one of them (GlaThiDa) to evaluate past performance of radar-sounding surveys of the thickness of Earth's temperate glaciers. An empirical envelope for radar performance as a function of center frequency is determined, its limitations are discussed and its relevance to future radar-sounder survey and system designs is considered.