Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
Research article
27 Apr 2021
Research article |  | 27 Apr 2021

Early spring subglacial discharge plumes fuel under-ice primary production at a Svalbard tidewater glacier

Tobias Reiner Vonnahme, Emma Persson, Ulrike Dietrich, Eva Hejdukova, Christine Dybwad, Josef Elster, Melissa Chierici, and Rolf Gradinger

Data sets

Replication data for: Subglacial upwelling in spring increases under-ice primary production Vonnahme, Tobias Reiner; Persson, Emma; Dietrich, Ulrike; Hejdukova, Eva; Dybwad, Christine; Chierci, Melissa; Dubourg, Paul,

Arctic seasonal ice zone ecology Vonnahme, Tobias Reiner

Short summary
We describe the impact of subglacial discharge in early spring on a sea-ice-covered fjord on Svalbard by comparing a site influenced by a shallow tidewater glacier with two reference sites. We found a moderate under-ice phytoplankton bloom at the glacier front, which we attribute to subglacial upwelling of nutrients; a strongly stratified surface layer; and higher light penetration. In contrast, sea ice algae biomass was limited by low salinities and brine volumes.