Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Research article
24 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 24 Jun 2020

Spectral attenuation of ocean waves in pack ice and its application in calibrating viscoelastic wave-in-ice models

Sukun Cheng, Justin Stopa, Fabrice Ardhuin, and Hayley H. Shen

Data sets

OSCAR third degree resolution ocean surface currents F. Bonjean and G. S. E. Lagerloef

The NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2 Suranjana Saha and Coauthors

Short summary
Wave states in ice in polar oceans are mostly studied near the ice edge. However, observations in the internal ice field, where ice morphology is very different from the ice edge, are rare. Recently derived wave data from satellite imagery are easier and cheaper than field studies and provide large coverage. This work presents a way of using these data to have a close view of some key features in the wave propagation over hundreds of kilometers and calibrate models for predicting wave decay.