Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
The Cryosphere, 13, 943–954, 2019
The Cryosphere, 13, 943–954, 2019

Research article 19 Mar 2019

Research article | 19 Mar 2019

Evaluation of CloudSat snowfall rate profiles by a comparison with in situ micro-rain radar observations in East Antarctica

Florentin Lemonnier et al.

Data sets

Snowfall rate estimates derived from a micro rain radar (MRR) at the Dumont d'Urville station, Adelie Land, East Antarctica, link to netCDF file. Alexis Berne, Jacopo Grazioli, and Christophe Genthon

Short summary
Evaluation of the vertical precipitation rate profiles of CloudSat radar by comparison with two surface-based micro-rain radars (MRR) located at two antarctic stations gives a near-perfect correlation between both datasets, even though climatic and geographic conditions are different for the stations. A better understanding and reassessment of CloudSat uncertainties ranging from −13 % up to +22 % confirms the robustness of the CloudSat retrievals of snowfall over Antarctica.