Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
The Cryosphere, 13, 1005–1024, 2019
The Cryosphere, 13, 1005–1024, 2019

Research article 29 Mar 2019

Research article | 29 Mar 2019

In situ observed relationships between snow and ice surface skin temperatures and 2 m air temperatures in the Arctic

Pia Nielsen-Englyst et al.

Data sets

DMI Qaanaaq Ice Observatory AWS observations (2015–2017) J. L. Høyer, G. Dybkjær, R. Tonboe, and P. Nielsen-Englyst

Short summary
The paper facilitates the construction of a satellite-derived 2 m air temperature (T2m) product for Arctic snow/ice areas. The relationship between skin temperature (Tskin) and T2m is analysed using weather stations. The main factors influencing the relationship are seasonal variations, wind speed and clouds. A clear-sky bias is estimated to assess the effect of cloud-limited satellite observations. The results are valuable when validating satellite Tskin or estimating T2m from satellite Tskin.