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05 Jun 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 05 Jun 2018

Snow depth on Arctic sea ice from historical in situ data

Elena V. Shalina and Stein Sandven

Data sets

Online Sea-Ice Knowledge and Data Platform K. Grosfeld, R. Treffeisen, J. Asseng, A. Bartsch, B. Br\"auer, B. Fritzsch, R. Gerdes, S. Hendricks, W. Hiller, G. Heygster, T. Krumpen, P. Lemke, C. Melsheimer, M. Nicolaus, R. Ricker, and M. Weigelt

National Snow \& Ice Data Center, Morphometric Characteristics of Ice and Snow in the Arctic Basin: Aircraft Landing Observations from the Former Soviet Union, 1928--1989 NSIDC

Observing and understanding climate change: Monitoring the mass balance, motion, and thickness of Arctic sea ice D. Perovich, J. Richter-Menge, B. Elder, T. Arbetter, K. Claffey, and C. Polashenski

Short summary
In this paper we analyze snow data from Soviet airborne expeditions, Sever, which operated in late winter 1959-1986, in the Arctic and made snow measurements on the ice around plane landing sites. The snow measurements were made on the multiyear ice in the central Arctic and on the first-year ice in the Eurasian seas in the areas for which snow characteristics are poorly described in the literature. The main goal of this study is to produce an improved data set of snow depth on the sea ice.