Articles | Volume 11, issue 5
Research article
23 Oct 2017
Research article |  | 23 Oct 2017

Winter sea ice export from the Laptev Sea preconditions the local summer sea ice cover and fast ice decay

Polona Itkin and Thomas Krumpen

Data sets

ea ice thickness and sea ice area transport in the Laptev Sea Thomas Krumpen

MITcgm numerical model code (with landfast ice parametrization) and output Polona Itkin and Martin Losch

Short summary
By means of airborne sea ice thickness surveys, remote sensing data and results from a numerical model, we show that winter ice dynamic in the Laptev Sea has a preconditioning effect on local summer ice extent in addition to atmospheric processes acting on the ice cover between May and September. We conclude that the observed tendency towards an increased ice export further accelerates pack ice retreat in summer and fast ice decay.