Articles | Volume 18, issue 2
Research article
20 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 20 Feb 2024

Globally consistent estimates of high-resolution Antarctic ice mass balance and spatially resolved glacial isostatic adjustment

Matthias O. Willen, Martin Horwath, Eric Buchta, Mirko Scheinert, Veit Helm, Bernd Uebbing, and Jürgen Kusche

Data sets

Kittel et al. (2021), The Cryosphere: MAR and ESMs data C. Kittel

ITSG-Grace2018 - Monthly, Daily and Static Gravity Field Solutions from GRACE T. Mayer-Gürr et al.

L1b NOP-IOP-GOP SAR, Version Baseline C. European Space Agency

Short summary
Shrinkage of the Antarctic ice sheet (AIS) leads to sea level rise. Satellite gravimetry measures AIS mass changes. We apply a new method that overcomes two limitations: low spatial resolution and large uncertainties due to the Earth's interior mass changes. To do so, we additionally include data from satellite altimetry and climate and firn modelling, which are evaluated in a globally consistent way with thoroughly characterized errors. The results are in better agreement with independent data.