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Brief communication
03 Nov 2023
Brief communication |  | 03 Nov 2023

Brief communication: Alternation of thaw zones and deep permafrost in the cold climate conditions of the East Siberian Mountains, Suntar-Khayata Range

Robert Sysolyatin, Sergei Serikov, Anatoly Kirillin, Andrey Litovko, and Maxim Sivtsev

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Discipline: Frozen ground | Subject: Field Studies
Brief communication: Combining borehole temperature, borehole piezometer and cross-borehole electrical resistivity tomography measurements to investigate seasonal changes in ice-rich mountain permafrost
Marcia Phillips, Chasper Buchli, Samuel Weber, Jacopo Boaga, Mirko Pavoni, and Alexander Bast
The Cryosphere, 17, 753–760,,, 2023
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Spectral induced polarization imaging to investigate an ice-rich mountain permafrost site in Switzerland
Theresa Maierhofer, Christian Hauck, Christin Hilbich, Andreas Kemna, and Adrián Flores-Orozco
The Cryosphere, 16, 1903–1925,,, 2022
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Contrasting geophysical signatures of a relict and an intact Andean rock glacier
Giulia de Pasquale, Rémi Valois, Nicole Schaffer, and Shelley MacDonell
The Cryosphere, 16, 1579–1596,,, 2022
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First investigation of perennial ice in Winter Wonderland Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA
Jeffrey S. Munroe
The Cryosphere, 15, 863–881,,, 2021
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Soil respiration of alpine meadow is controlled by freeze–thaw processes of active layer in the permafrost region of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau
Junfeng Wang, Qingbai Wu, Ziqiang Yuan, and Hojeong Kang
The Cryosphere, 14, 2835–2848,,, 2020
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Permafrost conditions of the East Siberian Mountains are poorly known because of the severe climate, extreme terrain, and farness and scarcity of data. The ground temperature regime plays a key role in mountainous regions, influencing the environment, slope stability, geomorphological processes and hydrological processes. We present the results of recent examinations of the permafrost thickness variations, temperature regime of thaw zones (taliks) and permafrost of the Suntar-Khayata Range.