Articles | Volume 17, issue 10
Brief communication
11 Oct 2023
Brief communication |  | 11 Oct 2023

Brief communication: Measuring and modelling the ice thickness of the Grigoriev ice cap (Kyrgyzstan) and comparison with global datasets

Lander Van Tricht, Chloë Marie Paice, Oleg Rybak, and Philippe Huybrechts

Data sets

LanderVT/Icethickness-Grigoriev-ice-cap: Icethickness of the Grigoriev ice cap (Version v1) Lander Van Tricht

Glacier Thickness Database 3.1.0 GlaThiDa Consortium

Short summary
We performed a field campaign to measure the ice thickness of the Grigoriev ice cap (Central Asia). We interpolated the ice thickness data to obtain an ice thickness distribution representing the state of the ice cap in 2021, with a total volume of ca. 0.4 km3. We then compared our results with global ice thickness datasets composed without our local measurements. The main takeaway is that these datasets do not perform well enough yet for ice caps such as the Grigoriev ice cap.