Articles | Volume 17, issue 9
Research article
08 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 08 Sep 2023

Greenland and Canadian Arctic ice temperature profiles database

Anja Løkkegaard, Kenneth D. Mankoff, Christian Zdanowicz, Gary D. Clow, Martin P. Lüthi, Samuel H. Doyle, Henrik H. Thomsen, David Fisher, Joel Harper, Andy Aschwanden, Bo M. Vinther, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Harry Zekollari, Toby Meierbachtol, Ian McDowell, Neil Humphrey, Anne Solgaard, Nanna B. Karlsson, Shfaqat A. Khan, Benjamin Hills, Robert Law, Bryn Hubbard, Poul Christoffersen, Mylène Jacquemart, Julien Seguinot, Robert S. Fausto, and William T. Colgan

Data sets

Greenland and Canadian Arctic ice temperature profiles database, github Kenneth D. Mankoff

Greenland deep ice temperature database, V1 Ken Mankoff, Anja Løkkegaard, William Colgan, Henrik Thomsen, Gary Clow, David Fisher, Christian Zdanowicz, Martin P. Lüthi, Bo Vinther, Joseph A. MacGregor, Ian McDowell, Harry Zekollari, Toby Meierbachtol, Samuel Doyle, Robert Law, Benjamin Hills, Joel Harper, Niel Humphrey, Bryn Hubbard, Poul Christoffersen, and Mylène Jacquemart

Short summary
This study presents a database compiling 95 ice temperature profiles from the Greenland ice sheet and peripheral ice caps. Ice viscosity and hence ice flow are highly sensitive to ice temperature. To highlight the value of the database in evaluating ice flow simulations, profiles from the Greenland ice sheet are compared to a modeled temperature field. Reoccurring discrepancies between modeled and observed temperatures provide insight on the difficulties faced when simulating ice temperatures.