Articles | Volume 17, issue 9
Research article
05 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 05 Sep 2023

Unveiling spatial variability within the Dotson Melt Channel through high-resolution basal melt rates from the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica

Ann-Sofie Priergaard Zinck, Bert Wouters, Erwin Lambert, and Stef Lhermitte

Data sets

Dataset belonging to the article: REMA reveals spatial variability within the Dotson Melt Channel Ann-Sofie P. Zinck, Bert Wouters, Erwin Lamber and Stef Lhermitte

MEaSUREs ITS_LIVE Regional Glacier and Ice Sheet Surface Velocities, Version 1 A. Gardner, M. Fahnestock, and T. Scambos

Model code and software

BURGEE Ann-Sofie P. Zinck

Short summary
The ice shelves in Antarctica are melting from below, which puts their stability at risk. Therefore, it is important to observe how much and where they are melting. In this study we use high-resolution satellite imagery to derive 50 m resolution basal melt rates of the Dotson Ice Shelf. With the high resolution of our product we are able to uncover small-scale features which may in the future help us to understand the state and fate of the Antarctic ice shelves and their (in)stability.