Articles | Volume 17, issue 4
Research article
26 Apr 2023
Research article |  | 26 Apr 2023

Subglacial lake activity beneath the ablation zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Yubin Fan, Chang-Qing Ke, Xiaoyi Shen, Yao Xiao, Stephen J. Livingstone, and Andrew J. Sole

Data sets

Subglacial lake dataset of Greenland (2019-2020) Yubin Fan, Chang-Qing Ke, Xiaoyi Shen, and Yao Xiao

ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3B Annual Land Ice Height, Version 3, Boulder, Colorado USA B. Smith, S. Dickinson, B. P. Jelley, T. A. Neumann, D. Hancock, J. Lee, and K. Harbeck

ArcticDEM C. Porter, P. Morin, I. Howat, M. J. Noh, B. Bates, K. Peterman, S. Keesey, M. Schlenk, J. Gardiner, K. Tomko, M. Willis, C. Kelleher, M. Cloutier, E. Husby, S. Foga, H. Nakamura, M. Platson, M. J. Wethington, C. Williamson, G. Bauer, J. Enos, G. Arnold, W. Kramer, P. Becker, A. Doshi, C. D'Souza, P. Cummens, F. Laurier, and M. Bojesen

Short summary
We used the new-generation ICESat-2 altimeter to detect and monitor active subglacial lakes in unprecedented spatiotemporal detail. We created a new inventory of 18 active subglacial lakes as well as their elevation and volume changes during 2019–2020, which provides an improved understanding of how the Greenland subglacial water system operates and how these lakes are fed by water from the ice surface.