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Research article
03 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 03 Mar 2022

A distributed temperature profiling system for vertically and laterally dense acquisition of soil and snow temperature

Baptiste Dafflon, Stijn Wielandt, John Lamb, Patrick McClure, Ian Shirley, Sebastian Uhlemann, Chen Wang, Sylvain Fiolleau, Carlotta Brunetti, Franklin H. Akins, John Fitzpatrick, Samuel Pullman, Robert Busey, Craig Ulrich, John Peterson, and Susan S. Hubbard

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Disentangling the effect of geomorphological features and tall shrubs on snow depth variation in a sub-Arctic watershed using UAV derived products
Ian Shirley, Sebastian Uhlemann, John Peterson, Katrina Bennett, Susan S. Hubbard, and Baptiste Dafflon
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Spatial patterns of snow distribution in the sub-Arctic
Katrina E. Bennett, Greta Miller, Robert Busey, Min Chen, Emma R. Lathrop, Julian B. Dann, Mara Nutt, Ryan Crumley, Shannon L. Dillard, Baptiste Dafflon, Jitendra Kumar, W. Robert Bolton, Cathy J. Wilson, Colleen M. Iversen, and Stan D. Wullschleger
The Cryosphere, 16, 3269–3293,,, 2022
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Probabilistic estimation of depth-resolved profiles of soil thermal diffusivity from temperature time series
Carlotta Brunetti, John Lamb, Stijn Wielandt, Sebastian Uhlemann, Ian Shirley, Patrick McClure, and Baptiste Dafflon
Earth Surf. Dynam., 10, 687–704,,, 2022
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Watershed zonation through hillslope clustering for tractably quantifying above- and below-ground watershed heterogeneity and functions
Haruko M. Wainwright, Sebastian Uhlemann, Maya Franklin, Nicola Falco, Nicholas J. Bouskill, Michelle E. Newcomer, Baptiste Dafflon, Erica R. Siirila-Woodburn, Burke J. Minsley, Kenneth H. Williams, and Susan S. Hubbard
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 26, 429–444,,, 2022
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A deep learning hybrid predictive modeling (HPM) approach for estimating evapotranspiration and ecosystem respiration
Jiancong Chen, Baptiste Dafflon, Anh Phuong Tran, Nicola Falco, and Susan S. Hubbard
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 6041–6066,,, 2021
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Discipline: Frozen ground | Subject: Instrumentation
Brief communication: Comparison of the performance of thermistors and digital temperature sensors in a mountain permafrost borehole
Lars Widmer, Marcia Phillips, and Chasper Buchli
The Cryosphere, 17, 4289–4295,,, 2023
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Non-destructive multi-sensor core logging allows rapid imaging, measurement of bulk density and estimation of ice content in permafrost cores
Joel Pumple, Alistair Monteath, Jordan Harvey, Mahya Roustaei, Alejandro Alvarez, Casey Buchanan, and Duane Froese
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Brief communication: Monitoring active layer dynamics using a lightweight nimble ground-penetrating radar system – a laboratory analogue test case
Emmanuel Léger, Albane Saintenoy, Mohammed Serhir, François Costard, and Christophe Grenier
The Cryosphere, 17, 1271–1277,,, 2023
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Brief communication: Unravelling the composition and microstructure of a permafrost core using X-ray computed tomography
Jan Nitzbon, Damir Gadylyaev, Steffen Schlüter, John Maximilian Köhne, Guido Grosse, and Julia Boike
The Cryosphere, 16, 3507–3515,,, 2022
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Ground subsidence and heave over permafrost: hourly time series reveal interannual, seasonal and shorter-term movement caused by freezing, thawing and water movement
Stephan Gruber
The Cryosphere, 14, 1437–1447,,, 2020
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This study presents the development and validation of a novel acquisition system for measuring finely resolved depth profiles of soil and snow temperature at multiple locations. Results indicate that the system reliably captures the dynamics in snow thickness, as well as soil freezing and thawing depth, enabling advances in understanding the intensity and timing in surface processes and their impact on subsurface thermohydrological regimes.