Articles | Volume 16, issue 9
Research article
21 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 21 Sep 2022

Timing and climatic-driven mechanisms of glacier advances in Bhutanese Himalaya during the Little Ice Age

Weilin Yang, Yingkui Li, Gengnian Liu, and Wenchao Chu

Data sets

Mapped glacier region in BH during LIA Weilin Yang, Yingkui Li, Gengnian Liu, and Wenchao Chu

Model code and software

OGGM/oggm: v1.5.0 (v1.5.0) Fabien Maussion, TimoRoth, Matthias Dusch, Beatriz Recinos, Anouk Vlug, Nicolas Champollion, Ben Marzeion, Lilian Schuster, Moritz Oberrauch, Johannes Landmann, Julia Eis, Alex Jarosch, sarah-hanus, Fei Li, David Rounce, Matteo Castellani, Sadie L. Bartholomew, Chris Merrill, David Loibl, Lizz Ultee, Schmitty Smith, anton-ub, and Philipp Gregor

Short summary
We simulated the glacier evolutions in Bhutanese Himalaya during the LIA using OGGM. At the regional scale, four compelling glacial substages were reported, and a positive correlation between the number of glacial substages and the glacier slope was found. Based on the surface mass balance analysis, the study also indicated that the regional glacier advances are dominated by the reduction of summer ablation.