Articles | Volume 16, issue 5
Research article
25 May 2022
Research article |  | 25 May 2022

A quantitative method of resolving annual precipitation for the past millennia from Tibetan ice cores

Wangbin Zhang, Shugui Hou, Shuang-Ye Wu, Hongxi Pang, Sharon B. Sneed, Elena V. Korotkikh, Paul A. Mayewski, Theo M. Jenk, and Margit Schwikowski

Data sets

LA-ICP-MS data of the Chongce ice core W. Zhang

Global Land Ice Measurements from Space glacier database GLIMS and NSIDC

Model code and software

StratiCounter: A layer counting algorithm (version 1.2.3) M. Winstrup

Short summary
This study proposes a quantitative method to reconstruct annual precipitation records at the millennial timescale from the Tibetan ice cores through combining annual layer identification based on LA-ICP-MS measurement with an ice flow model. The reliability of this method is assessed by comparing our results with other reconstructed and modeled precipitation series for the Tibetan Plateau. The assessment shows that the method has a promising performance.