Articles | Volume 15, issue 12
Research article
20 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 20 Dec 2021

Microstructure, micro-inclusions, and mineralogy along the EGRIP ice core – Part 1: Localisation of inclusions and deformation patterns

Nicolas Stoll, Jan Eichler, Maria Hörhold, Tobias Erhardt, Camilla Jensen, and Ilka Weikusat

Data sets

Microstructure maps with indicated micro-inclusions and grain boundaries (GB) of eleven samples (138-1340) m from the EastGRIP ice core Nicolas Stoll, Ilka Weikusat, and Jan Eichler

EGRIP grain size mean data for the upper 1340 m and eleven stereo-plots Ilka Weikusat, Nicolas Stoll, Nicolas Eichler, Johanna Kerch, Daniela Jansen, and Sepp Kipfstuhl

Short summary
We did a systematic analysis of the location of inclusions in the EGRIP ice core, the first ice core from an ice stream. We combine this with crystal orientation and grain size data, enabling the first overview about the microstructure of this unique ice core. Micro-inclusions show a strong spatial variability and patterns (clusters or horizontal layers); roughly one-third is located at grain boundaries. More holistic approaches are needed to understand deformation processes in the ice better.