Articles | Volume 15, issue 8
Research article
18 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 18 Aug 2021

Investigating the internal structure of the Antarctic ice sheet: the utility of isochrones for spatiotemporal ice-sheet model calibration

Johannes Sutter, Hubertus Fischer, and Olaf Eisen

Data sets

Radio-echo sounding isochrone depths in the East Antarctic Ice Sheet A. Winter, D. Steinhage, T. T. Creyts, and O. Eisen

Model code and software

PISM The PISM authors

OceanParcels OceanParcels project

Video supplement

90 ka Antarctic tracers. Sutter, Johannes

Short summary
Projections of global sea-level changes in a warming world require ice-sheet models. We expand the calibration of these models by making use of the internal architecture of the Antarctic ice sheet, which is formed by its evolution over many millennia. We propose that using our novel approach to constrain ice sheet models, we will be able to both sharpen our understanding of past and future sea-level changes and identify weaknesses in the parameterisation of current continental-scale models.