Articles | Volume 14, issue 10
Research article
29 Oct 2020
Research article |  | 29 Oct 2020

Systematic bias of Tibetan Plateau snow cover in subseasonal-to-seasonal models

Wenkai Li, Shuzhen Hu, Pang-Chi Hsu, Weidong Guo, and Jiangfeng Wei

Model code and software

The NCAR Command Language (Version 6.6.2) UCAR/NCAR/CISL/TDD

Short summary
Understanding the forecasting skills of the subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) model on Tibetan Plateau snow cover (TPSC) is the first step to applying the S2S model to hydrological forecasts over the Tibetan Plateau. This study conducted a multimodel comparison of the TPSC prediction skill to learn about their performance in capturing TPSC variability. S2S models can skillfully forecast TPSC within a lead time of 2 weeks but show limited skill beyond 3 weeks. Systematic biases of TPSC were found.