Articles | Volume 14, issue 9
Research article
09 Sep 2020
Research article |  | 09 Sep 2020

New gravity-derived bathymetry for the Thwaites, Crosson, and Dotson ice shelves revealing two ice shelf populations

Tom A. Jordan, David Porter, Kirsty Tinto, Romain Millan, Atsuhiro Muto, Kelly Hogan, Robert D. Larter, Alastair G. C. Graham, and John D. Paden

Data sets

Gravity-derived bathymetry for the Thwaites, Crosson and Dotson ice shelves (2009-2019) (Version 1.0) T. Jordan, D. Porter, K. Tinto, R. Millan, A. Muto, K. Hogan, R. Larter, A. Graham, J. Paden, and C. Robinson

Processed line aerogravity data over the Thwaites Glacier region (2018/19 season) T. Jordan, C. Robinson, D. Porter, C. Locke, K. and Tinto

Processed line aeromagnetic data over the Thwaites glacier region (2018/19 season) T. Jordan, C. Robinson, and D. Porter

Short summary
Linking ocean and ice sheet processes allows prediction of sea level change. Ice shelves form a floating buffer between the ice–ocean systems, but the water depth beneath is often a mystery, leaving a critical blind spot in our understanding of how these systems interact. Here, we use airborne measurements of gravity to reveal the bathymetry under the ice shelves flanking the rapidly changing Thwaites Glacier and adjacent glacier systems, providing new insights and data for future models.