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Research article
18 Nov 2019
Research article |  | 18 Nov 2019

Decadal changes in the leading patterns of sea level pressure in the Arctic and their impacts on the sea ice variability in boreal summer

Nakbin Choi, Kyu-Myong Kim, Young-Kwon Lim, and Myong-In Lee

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Revised manuscript under review for GMD
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Manuscript not accepted for further review
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The Cryosphere, 13, 969–980,,, 2019
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This study compares the decadal changes of the leading patterns of sea level pressure between the early (1982–1997) and the recent (1998–2017) periods as well as their influences on the Arctic sea ice extent (SIE) variability. The correlation between the Arctic Dipole (AD) mode and SIE becomes significant in the recent period, not in the past, due to its spatial pattern change. This tends to enhance meridional wind over the Fram Strait and sea ice discharge to the Atlantic.