Articles | Volume 13, issue 9
Research article
05 Sep 2019
Research article |  | 05 Sep 2019

Modeling the response of Greenland outlet glaciers to global warming using a coupled flow line–plume model

Johanna Beckmann, Mahé Perrette, Sebastian Beyer, Reinhard Calov, Matteo Willeit, and Andrey Ganopolski

Data sets

Datasets as used in Beckmann et al. The Cryosphere [Data set]. J. Beckmann and M. Perrette

Short summary
Submarine melting (SM) has been discussed as potentially triggering the recently observed retreat at outlet glaciers in Greenland. How much it may contribute in terms of future sea level rise (SLR) has not been quantified yet. When accounting for SM in our experiments, SLR contribution of 12 outlet glaciers increases by over 3-fold until the year 2100 under RCP8.5. Scaling up from 12 to all of Greenland's outlet glaciers increases future SLR contribution of Greenland by 50 %.