Articles | Volume 10, issue 5
Research article
10 Oct 2016
Research article |  | 10 Oct 2016

On retrieving sea ice freeboard from ICESat laser altimeter

Kirill Khvorostovsky and Pierre Rampal

Data sets

GLAS/ICESat L2 Sea Ice Altimetry Data H. J. Zwally, R. Schutz, C. Bentley, J. Bufton, T. Herring, J. Minster, J. Spinhirne, and T. Ross

Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard and Thickness D. Yi and H. J. Zwally

QuikSCAT satellite scatterometer data Brigham Young University

AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 25 km Brightness Temperature & Sea Ice Concentration Polar Grids, Version 3 D. Cavalieri, J. Comiso, T. Markus

Short summary
We analyse two methods of freeboard retrieval from ICESat satellite data that were used to derive the two widely used Arctic sea ice thickness products. We show that although different factors result in significant local differences between freeboards, they roughly compensate each other with respect to overall freeboard estimation. Thus the difference found between the sea ice thickness datasets should be attributed to different parameters used in the freeboard-to-thickness conversion.