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28 Jun 2023
Brief communication | Highlight paper |  | 28 Jun 2023

Brief communication: Rapid  ∼  335  ×  106 m3 bed erosion after detachment of the Sedongpu Glacier (Tibet)

Andreas Kääb and Luc Girod

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luc-girod/MicMacWorkflowsByLucGirod: As of processing of Sedongpu glacier in (Kääb and Girod Luc Girod and Simon Filhol

This paper describes a very dramatic rate of landscape change that is both scientifically notable across the geoscience community, and of general interest to the public. The key messages can be communicated in a very accessible way, and the satellite imagery associated with the analysis clearly show the high impact changes to the valley.
Short summary
Following the detachment of the 130 × 106 m3 Sedongpu Glacier (south-eastern Tibet) in 2018, the Sedongpu Valley underwent massive large-volume landscape changes. An enormous volume of in total around 330 × 106 m3 was rapidly eroded, forming a new canyon of up to 300 m depth, 1 km width, and almost 4 km length. Such consequences of glacier change in mountains have so far not been considered at this magnitude and speed.