Articles | Volume 16, issue 10
Research article
11 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 11 Oct 2022

Assessing bare-ice albedo simulated by MAR over the Greenland ice sheet (2000–2021) and implications for meltwater production estimates

Raf M. Antwerpen, Marco Tedesco, Xavier Fettweis, Patrick Alexander, and Willem Jan van de Berg

Data sets

MOD09GA MODIS/Terra Surface Reflectance Daily L2G Global 1km and 500m SIN Grid V006 E. Vermote and R. Wolfe

MODIS/Terra Snow Cover Daily L3 Global 500m Grid. Version 6 D. K. Hall, V. V. Salomonson, and G. A. Riggs

Short summary
The ice on Greenland has been melting more rapidly over the last few years. Most of this melt comes from the exposure of ice when the overlying snow melts. This ice is darker than snow and absorbs more sunlight, leading to more melt. It remains challenging to accurately simulate the brightness of the ice. We show that the color of ice simulated by Modèle Atmosphérique Régional (MAR) is too bright. We then show that this means that MAR may underestimate how fast the Greenland ice is melting.