Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Research article
19 Jan 2021
Research article |  | 19 Jan 2021

Airborne mapping of the sub-ice platelet layer under fast ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Christian Haas, Patricia J. Langhorne, Wolfgang Rack, Greg H. Leonard, Gemma M. Brett, Daniel Price, Justin F. Beckers, and Alex J. Gough

Data sets

Sub-ice platelet layer thickness in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 2009-2017 C. Haas, P. J. Langhorne, W. Rack, G. H. Leonard, G. M. Brett, D. Price, J. F. Beckers, and A. J. Gough

Short summary
We developed a method to remotely detect proxy signals of Antarctic ice shelf melt under adjacent sea ice. It is based on aircraft surveys with electromagnetic induction sounding. We found year-to-year variability of the ice shelf melt proxy in McMurdo Sound and spatial fine structure that support assumptions about the melt of the McMurdo Ice Shelf. With this method it will be possible to map and detect locations of intense ice shelf melt along the coast of Antarctica.