Articles | Volume 15, issue 2
The Cryosphere, 15, 1065–1085, 2021
The Cryosphere, 15, 1065–1085, 2021

Research article 01 Mar 2021

Research article | 01 Mar 2021

Physics-based SNOWPACK model improves representation of near-surface Antarctic snow and firn density

Eric Keenan et al.

Data sets

Surface Mass Balance and Snow Depth on Sea Ice Working Group (SUMup) snow density subdataset, Greenland and Antartica, 1950-2018 Lora Koenig and Lynn Montgomery

EricKeenan/Keenan_et_al_2020_TC: Paper scripts (Version v1.0.0) Eric Keenan

EricKeenan/download_MERRA2: Download MERRA-2 (Version v1.0.0) Eric Keenan

Model code and software

snowpack-model/snowpack: c1e5cd7 (Version c1e5cd7) SNOWPACK team

Short summary
Snow density is required to convert observed changes in ice sheet volume into mass, which ultimately drives ice sheet contribution to sea level rise. However, snow properties respond dynamically to wind-driven redistribution. Here we include a new wind-driven snow density scheme into an existing snow model. Our results demonstrate an improved representation of snow density when compared to observations and can therefore be used to improve retrievals of ice sheet mass balance.