Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Research article
22 Dec 2020
Research article |  | 22 Dec 2020

Spatio-temporal flow variations driving heat exchange processes at a mountain glacier

Rebecca Mott, Ivana Stiperski, and Lindsey Nicholson

Data sets

Experimental data: measurement campaign Hintereisferner Experiment, HEFEX Rebecca Mott, Ivana Stiperski, and Lindsey Nicholson

Short summary
The Hintereisferner Experiment (HEFEX) investigated spatial and temporal dynamics of the near-surface boundary layer and associated heat exchange processes close to the glacier surface during the melting season. Turbulence data suggest that strong changes in the local thermodynamic characteristics occur when westerly flows disturbed prevailing katabatic flow, forming across-glacier flows and facilitating warm-air advection from the surrounding ice-free areas, which potentially promote ice melt.