Articles | Volume 13, issue 11
The Cryosphere, 13, 2935–2951, 2019
The Cryosphere, 13, 2935–2951, 2019

Research article 08 Nov 2019

Research article | 08 Nov 2019

New Last Glacial Maximum ice thickness constraints for the Weddell Sea Embayment, Antarctica

Keir A. Nichols et al.

Data sets

Informal cosmogenic-nuclide exposure-age database (ICE-D) Antarctica G. Balco

Short summary
We studied the history of ice masses at three locations in the Weddell Sea Embayment, Antarctica. We measured rare isotopes in material sourced from mountains overlooking the Slessor Glacier, Foundation Ice Stream, and smaller glaciers on the Lassiter Coast. We show that ice masses were between 385 and 800 m thicker during the last glacial cycle than they are at present. The ice masses were both hundreds of metres thicker and remained thicker closer to the present than was previously thought.