Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Research article
26 Jan 2018
Research article |  | 26 Jan 2018

Surface formation, preservation, and history of low-porosity crusts at the WAIS Divide site, West Antarctica

John M. Fegyveresi, Richard B. Alley, Atsuhiro Muto, Anaïs J. Orsi, and Matthew K. Spencer

Data sets

WAIS Divide Surface and Snow-pit Data, 2009–2013 J. M. Fegyveresi and R. B. Alley

Short summary
Observations at the WAIS Divide site in West Antarctica show that near-surface snow is strongly altered by weather-related processes, such as strong winds and temperature fluctuations, producing features that are recognizable within the WDC06A ice core. Specifically, over 10 000 prominent crusts were observed in the upper 560 m of the core. We show that these crusts develop more often in summers, during relatively low-wind, low-humidity, clear-sky periods with intense daytime sunshine.